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boarding pass Details

All boarding passes are all die-cut with the cutouts on the ends and perforated to resemble an actual boarding pass. All invitations are fully customized to match your wedding location and theme.  Whether you are getting married locally or in a tropical destination our invitations will be customized for you in mind.  When your custom invitations are delivered they are fully assembled and ready to mail.  You just need to add a stamp and address them…or we can do that for you as well! 

Magnets are printed on a glossy magnet paper.
The entire backside of the design is a magnet.

Pricing Details

Boarding Pass + Mailing Envelope $2.00
Magnet Boarding Pass + Mailing Envelope $2.75

Additional Boarding Passes – Used for Accommodations, Directions, Etc $1.00

Tri-Fold Ticket Sleeve $1.25
Metallic or Matte Slide-In Style Ticket Sleeve $1.50
Metallic or Matte Slide-In Style Ticket Sleeve
with logo and ribbon detail $2.25


Patterned ticket sleeve $1.00
Charms/Crystals/ etc available

Custom Mailing Stamp Design $20.00 –
you can use at your stamp vendor of choice

Mailing Services –
We can print, stamp, and mail your invitations for you.

Printing Services
Return Address printing is available for .50 per envelope
Return Address and Guest Address printing is available for $1.25 per envelope.

To get started

Please purchase the Boarding Pass Design Fee. 
This fee will be credited back if you order 100 or more invitations. 
It will include unlimited revisions and a printed sample mailed you if you require. 
Once we received this design fee, we will schedule your start date for the design process and send over the necessary forms for you to fill out.

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